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This aromatic shrub is has a sublime rose-fragrance and is cultivated extensively world-wide for its distinctive smell. It has upright stems with fleshy leaves that are rich in aromatic compounds and clusters of lilac-pinkish flowers.

100% Rose GERANIUM Essential Oil

  • Latin Name: Pelagonium Graveolens

    Family: Geraniaceae


    Common Indigenous Names: Rose Geranium (English), Wildemalva (Afrikaans)


    Uses: Our own indigenous plant is cultivated the world-over for its remarkable rose-like fragrance and for its qualities as a skin treatment, an anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and aids joint pains. Widely used as a calming oil to aid relaxation and help to relieve stress and anxiety.


    Quirky Indigenous Uses:

    • A mood lifter

    • Used for calming & relaxation


    Extraction: Steam-distilled


  • 10ml

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