There is something about

the big skies,

vast landscapes,

diverse peoples and the

 unique plant biomes of  

Southern Africa

that grab at your heart and

hold you captive to

its immense beauty.


At INDIGO TRADING our Pure Indigenous range is a passion project. Our products are inspired by the many healing plants unique to Southern Africa and have been used for centuries by indigenous people in their healing practices and rituals, to bring harmony and health to their homes and families. ​


We are passionate about supporting local; local plants, local growers and local communities. We believe that local plants heal local people, which takes us back to our ancient healing roots and to the very plants used by our ancestors. We buy oils from reputable farmers, sourcing organic where possible, while our essential oils are steam distilled and our carrier oils are cold extracted.

Fragrance is such a visceral experience that links us to a time and place, and what better way than our own indigenous essential oils to connect

to our earth.  We are a dedicated team of women who cherish the incredible fragrances we have the privilege of working with. This ensures that our products are filled with the warmth of our African hearts, so that you too can be touched by their magnificence.


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The benefits listed for the various oils are in accordance with traditional use of the raw herbs as cited in scientific studies and reputable literature.
These oils are not recommended for use for serious medical conditions. Consult your doctor or healer if in doubt.