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Common Names:

Love -  Ukuthanda (Zulu), Uthando (Xhosa), Liefde (Afrikaans).

Abundance - Yobuningi (Zulu), Ngobuninzi (Xhosa), Oorvloed (Afrikaans)

Luck - Inhlanhla (Zulu), Amathamsanqa (Xhosa), Geluk (Afrikaans)

Protection - Ukuvikelwa (Zulu), Ukhuselo (Xhosa), Beskerming (Afrikaans).


  • Our  people have long tapped into our South African plant heritage and used many indigenous plants for their magical qualities. Our Potion Pack harnesses our rich folklore and addresses our most vital needs - love, protection, adundance and luck!


    Use as massage oil, dab on the wrist or add a few drops to bath water, or into a burner.


    Abundance - see the abundance of your life and attract more

    Love - to draw more love into your life.

    Luck - appreciate how lucky you already are and to draw more luck into your life.

    Protection -  to shield you from all things nasty.


  • 4 x 20ml