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Common Names:

Love -  Ukuthanda (Zulu), Uthando (Xhosa), Liefde (Afrikaans).

Abundance - Yobuningi (Zulu), Ngobuninzi (Xhosa), Oorvloed (Afrikaans)

Luck - Inhlanhla (Zulu), Amathamsanqa (Xhosa), Geluk (Afrikaans)

Protection - Ukuvikelwa (Zulu), Ukhuselo (Xhosa), Beskerming (Afrikaans).


  • The Pure Indigenous Potion Pack draws on the rich South African folklore and plant heritage that uses indigenous plants for their magical qualities to support our most vital needs - love, protection, abundance and luck. These massage oils, are ideal for a massage or to dab on the wrist, add a few drops to bath water, or into a burner.


    Abundance - see the abundance of your life and attract more

    Love - to draw more love into your life.

    Luck - appreciate how lucky you already are and to draw more luck into your life.

    Protection -  to shield you from all things nasty.


  • 4 x 20ml

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