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Salt has been used since ancient times to cleanse and balance negative energy, while the minerals contained therein are known to relieve stress, improve muscle and nerve function, and wellbeing. Our salt comes from one of the world’s most ancient inland underground salt pans in the semi-desert region of the Kalahari. It is totally natural and is not washed or refined and therefore contains only natural minerals and trace elements.

LOVE Bath Salt

  • Renew your faith in love by adding a little extra magic. Our blend of pure Kalahari course salt, African Wormwood, an ancient love charm, along with Rose Geranium and Cape Snowbush essential oils, allow you to relax knowing that you are surrounded by love and can draw more into your life.


    Either soak in a bath of LOVE salt or add some to a foot spa to bring back the magic.

  • Size: 130g

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