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A dense low shrub that has highly fragrant light grey leaves. It grows in deep silty soils with leaves that are covered in woolly hairs and single flower heads. It is endemic to South Africa and occurs all the way from East London in the Eastern Cape, throughout the Western Cape up to the Namibian border in the Northern Cape. Best known species of Pteronia, a genus of small woody shrubs from Southern Africa

100% Karoo INCANA Essential Oil

  • Latin Name:  Pteronia Incana

    Family: Asteraceae


    Common Indigenous Names: Ash Bush (English), Asbossie, Kraakbos, Bloubos, Laventelbos (Afrikaans).


    Uses: Traditionally used for its anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties for respiratory infections to treat influenza, fever, as well as kidney ailments and backache. Inhaling steam with the essential oil acts as an expectorant.


    Extraction: Steam-distilled


  • 10ml


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