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This woody fynbos shrub has dense branches, small narrow sharp- tipped leaves and small single white flowers. It grows in the coastal Cape Peninsula region. 

100% Cape MAY Essential Oil

  • Latin Name: Coleonema Album

    Family: Rutaceae


    Common Indigenous Names: White Confetti Bush (English), Aasbossie, Kilpboegoe (Afrikaans).



    It has traditionally been used as a deodorant. Local fishermen gave it its Afrikaans name ‘aasbossie’ (‘bait bush’) because they rub their hands with the leaves to get rid of the strong smell of red bait. The leaves are used to treat colds, fever and nervous tension and as a diuretic.  It makes an effective insect repellent, especially for ants and mosquitoes. The essential oil is believed to have sedative qualities.

    Quirky Indigenous Uses: 

    • Campers rub it into their bedding to repel insects


    Extraction: steam-distilled


  • 10ml

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