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This indigenous fynbos small multi-branched shrub has small needle-like leaves and dense white flowers that become fluffy just before they set seed. The generic name Eriocephalus is derived from the Greek words ‘erion’ meaning wool  and ‘kephale’ meaning head, referring to the wooly fruiting heads, called  ‘kapok’ (snow) in Afrikaans. The azulenic compounds in the oil give it its deep blue colour. It grows in mountainous areas with winter rainfall from the Namaqualand down to the Western Cape, as well as in parts of the eastern Free State.



100% Cape CHAMOMILE Essential Oil

  • Latin Name: Eriocephalus Punctulatus

    Family: Asteraceae


    Common Indigenous Names: Kapokbos, Boegoekapok (Afrikaans)



    Uses: This is one of the finest Muti Medicines that can be inhaled to instil a sense of well-being. Its sedative qualities help with depression and stress-related ailments. It improves quality of sleep, particularly for over-stimulated minds and over- active emotions. It is believed to be useful during times of transition, such as during adolescence or both male and female menopause.



    Quirky Indigenous Uses:

    • To invoke pleasant dreams

    • House disinfectant

    • Clear away evil spirits

    • Periods of transition


    Extraction: steam-distilled

  • 10ml

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