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The PURE INDIGENOUS ranges use blends of our very own indigenous essential oils that create fresh, natural and sometimes earthy fragrances. These are mixed to create a variety of different products - balms, massage oils, blends and potions, soaks and sprays.


Bath & Foot Soak, relaxing, anti-inflammatory

The PURE INDIGENOUS range of soaks is made for indulgence. Time out. Time to rest and relax and heal. Our soaks draw from our ancient African tradition of using clay and salt as natural de-toxers, added to this is our very own magical indigenous essential oil blend to soothe and destress. More...


Pure Indigenous Massage Oil Range

Touch is one of the most essential human needs and what better way than by massage. We have created ready-to-use Massage Oil from some of our most popular indigenous fragrance blends in a convenient 100ml size. More...

Pure Indigenous Balms


The PURE INDIGENOUS Balm range is 100% Natural - contains NO nasties, just pure natural Southern African goodness. All ingredients are sourced locally where possible and these smooth moisturising balms are fragranced using indigenous essential oils. The balm base consists of a blend of Beeswax, Macadamia oil, Shea butter & Sunflower oil and the lip balms contain two additional moisturisers - Coconut oil and Avocado butter. More...


Pure Indigenous Room Sprays

The PURE INDIGENOUS Room & Body Sprays contain only pure natural plant fragrances that smell like a walk in nature. The Imphepho and Rose Geranium Room & Body Sprays are single fragrance sprays while the Tranquility &

Night Sprays are a blend of indigenous essential oils with calming properties. More...


Pure Indigenous Essential oil blends for happiness, night, soothing, tranuility, youth and winter using South African essetial oils

The PURE INDIGENOUS blends have been created from a selection of  South African essential oils mixed in cold pressed Grape Seed oil grown and extracted in the Cape. These blends are formulated with the intention of harmonising and effectively harnessing the powerful healing properties of these indigenous plants.

We've used Grape Seed oil which is extracted from grape seeds because it is a gentle moisturiser that is easily absorbed without being too oily and has great benefits for the skin. More...

Pure Indigenous African Potions using indigenous South African essential oils for abundance, love, luck and protection


Pure Indigenous Gift packs with South African Indigenous essential oil blends

Need a little something special as a gift, our selection of Indigenous essential oil gift packs may just be the thing - Love-the-Night Pack, Happy-Tranquility Pack, Good-Luck Pack, Lullaby Pack or the oil and balm combos.

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The PURE INDIGENOUS potions are where myth and magic meet. These potions are based on traditional use by our people and their powers ascribed in African folklore. The indigenous essential oils have been mixed in cold pressed Cape Grape Seed oil. More..