This indigenous Eriocephalus looks very similar to the Cape Snowbush and has similar properties, yet a distinctly different herbaceous fragrance, similar to Rosemary. The bushes or shrublets are evergreen, hard, thick and leathery, while some tend to be thorny with silky-greyish leaves.

100% KOUGA SNOWBUSH Essential Oil

  • Latin Name: Eriocephalus Tenuipes

    Family:  Asteraceae


    Common Indigenous Names for Snowbush : Wild Rosemary (English), Kapokbos, Wilde Roosmaryn (Afrikaans).



    Traditionally used to invigorate the circulatory system and soothe symptoms of cold and flu. Mood-enhancing and anti-spasmodic.


    Extraction: Steam-distilled

  • 10ml