This indigenous Eriocephalus looks very similar to the Cape Snowbush and has similar properties, yet a distinctly different spicy fragrance, similar to Rosemary. The bushes or shrublets are evergreen, hard, thick and leathery, while some tend to be thorny with silky-greyish leaves.

100% KOUGA SNOWBUSH Essential Oil

  • Latin Name: Eriocephalus Tenuipes

    Family:  Asteraceae


    Common Indigenous Names for Snowbush : Wild Rosemary (English), Kapokbos, Wilde Roosmaryn (Afrikaans).



    No recorded medicinal uses have been found, however its fragrance would indicate that it has sedative properties and it's relative Cape Snowbush (Eriocephalus Africanus) is a well documented sedative. 


    Extraction: Steam-distilled

  • 10ml